PLINX is a construction safety system that manages the proximity of workers to hazards. The system protects construction workers and employers by increasing awareness of hazardous activity. PLINX equips construction sites with tags which provide an accurate, up-to-date record of hazard and worker location, which cannot be defeated.


A single helmet-mounted sensor providing market-leading 360-degree protection. With audible, visual and haptic feedback designed for construction environments, the TeamTag can help to reduce workers proximity to co-workers and hazards.


A patent-protected safety solution which enables digital zones to be deployed and tracked as part of existing working practice. The HazardTAG is a battery-powered tag that is mounted to the top of a cone, it provides visual and audible feedback when an operative approaches or breaches the restricted zone. 


A machine mountable tag that offers collision protection for people and places. MachineTAGs can be fitted in minutes providing market-leading accuracy. The MachineTAG combines data from nearby TAGs to provides greater insight into the cause of exclusion zone breaches. The MachineTAGs offer audible and visual feedback to both the machine operator and pedestrian reducing the likelihood of a collision.


PLINX creates a private, secure robust network that ensures connectivity within site boundaries, the network is portable and is suitable for dynamic working environments such as highways or rail. The network can be deployed in remote environments and tunnels where existing connectivity is unreliable.


Live and historical site activity is displayed in PLINX Intel, the hazard intelligence platform. Data can be used to prove compliance with health and safety guidelines or to identify high-risk hazards. Site information can be set up and viewed locally or remotely.


We have added social distancing to the Plinx TeamTag device, the technology provides an effective 360° management of social distancing from a single wearable device. The technology encourages construction workers to maintain social distancing. It also provides detailed contact data which can help construction companies reduce the impact of an outbreak.


The TeamTag will continue to improve safety when social distancing is no longer required. Our early warning system reduces the chance of injury by keeping people at a safe distance from hazards. What’s more, the Plinx Intel platform provides rich location and proximity data, reducing risk for employers and providing the opportunity to improve operational efficiency.

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