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    PLINX is a safety system designed to make construction sites safer. The system protects construction workers and employers by restricting access based on role and purpose to areas of hazardous activity. We create reliable and easy to deploy network infrastructure that connects people, plant and places without reliance on third parties. We deliver this data to you to positively Affect the safety, security and quality of your project, delivering with greater certainty.


    Plinx Protect

    Incidents on construction sites happen because the wrong people are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    PLINX restricts access to zones based on role and purpose to areas with a high potential of danger.

    PLINX Tags are designed to work together as a system allowing you to easily control access of people, plant to places after the turnstile.

    Protect people


    Protect places 


    Protect plant



    Plinx Connect

    Our private networks are designed specifically for the construction environment are deployable within minutes allowing you to transmit data from your tags in real-time so that you can respond to activity on site.

    • Rugged
    • Flexible
    • Private
    • Secure
    • Cost effective

    Our networks can be deployed across long distances, on complex compact sites or Deep within buildings and tunnels.

    Live site data is logged and visible in real-time from your on-site dashboard


    Plinx Affect


    Highly accurate data helps you to continuously improve site safety. Our intuitive platform allows you to configure hazard zones, manage workforce groups, display insights about activity over time and manage the flow of your data. The system does not use any personal data, protecting the privacy of your workforce.

    Data service

    We understand the value of data sharing and as a result have created a secure bi-directional API which allows you to expose all Event data generated within the Affect platform to external services. We make it easy to send a SMS, Email or Webhook when an event occurs or configure hazard zones through your existing GIS system.

    Product ranges


    Tags & hardware

    PLINX Protect is a hazard zone access control system, restricting people plant and places from entering places with a high potential of danger, based on role and purpose.

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    Router & network products

    Reliable and easy to deploy network that works without reliance on third parties. Improve how data moves around site and increase response and productive time.

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    Hazard detection and analysis software

    PLINX Affect is a Health and safety operating system that gives greater visibility to drive change. Data now, for smarter and safer decisions in the future.

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