Affect Plus


Subscribe to Plinx Affect to improve visibility of site site activity, speed up communication and reduce risk of delay by providing you data now, for smarter and safer decisions in the future.

Key features

  • Location monitoring
  • Social distancing
  • Hazard Zoning
  • Permits
  • Email reporting
  • Hub or Powerbox Plus
  • Employee management system
  • Integration with external EMS
  • Sensitive data mode
  • Contact tracing
  • SOS and Evacuation alarm
  • Event log API

Securely control and manage employee access.


Using PLINX Affect with Inndex enables you to better understand workforce behaviour, the two technologies seamlessly integrate meaning that zone access information can automatically be created or updated reducing manual processing and time-to-safety.

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Power system designed specifically for the Connect Access point, fitting to the base of the Connect Mast providing year-round power without needing to route cables.

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Protect people

Small and lightweight helmet mounted sensor for 360-degree human protection

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Affect Base

Browser based platform

Get a better understanding of current site activity, configure HazardZoning and drive continuous improvement.

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