Affect Base

Plinx Affect Base

Subscribe to Plinx Affect to improve visibility of site site activity, speed up communication and reduce risk of delay by providing you data now, for smarter and safer decisions in the future.

Key features

  • Location monitoring
  • Social distancing
  • Hazard Zoning
  • Permit system
  • Email reporting (day/week/month)

No personal data used


A private, secure, robust network that can be configured to ensure connectivity within site boundaries, keeping your protect sensors connected. Connect Access Points are portable and can be powered from a welfare vehicle. The network can be extended over long distances by adding multiple connects. The network is designed specifically for dynamic working environments such as highways or rail.

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Power anywhere

Power system designed specifically for the Connect Access point, fitting to the base of the Connect Mast providing year-round power without needing to route cables.

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Access Point

Site-wide connectivity

Private wireless network which provides connectivity across large construction sites, deep within buildings, cuttings, and tunnels

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Rapidly deployable mast

Lightweight mast which elevates the Connect Access Point, the Connect Mast can be deployed in less than 1hr on soft ground or hardstanding.

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