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Wireless fire alarm system

Protect your site with WES – the first UK wireless evacuation and fire alarm system engineered to meet the Construction Products Regulation’s highest standards for production and performance.

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Employee onboarding and management

innDex is a Construction Technology business focused on; Digitising Construction, Empowering the Workforce and Improving Productivity. Born out of the frustrations of 2 friends working within the industry, they are now working collaboratively with over 50 companies across the UK from small subbies, to tier one contractors and developers. One complete solution covering the software and hardware needs of modern project delivery. At last Powerful ConTech Made Easy.

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Hand-arm vibration monitoring

HAVi Technologies is the UK’s leading specialist in providing solutions to help construction businesses improve hand health by minimising the risks of exposure to vibration. It’s combination of on-tool trigger timer units, smart watches and cloud-based reporting automatically alert exposure breaches and generate key insight on operator tool use. Helping businesses to comply fully with HSE Guidance and CVWR 2005.

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